Advances in Cognitive Systems (ACS) is an annual meeting for research on the initial goals of artificial intelligence and cognitive science, which aimed to explain the mind in computational terms and to reproduce the entire range of human cognitive abilities in computational artifacts. Many researchers remain committed to this original vision, and Advances in Cognitive Systems provides a place to present recent results and pose new challenges for the field. The meetings bring together researchers with interests in human-level intelligence, complex cognition, integrated intelligent systems, cognitive architectures, and related topics.

Learn more about the conference here. Learn more about the community that runs the conference and publishes a journal here.

Program Chairs

Fundraising Chair

Social Media Chair

Technical Chair

Organizing Committee

  • Paul Bello, Naval Research Laboratory
  • Matthew Klenk, Palo Alto Research Center
  • Ashok Goel, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • John Laird, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Pat Langley, Institute for the Study of Learning and Expertise
  • Sergei Nirenburg, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Program Committee

  • David Aha, Naval Research Laboratory
  • Adam Amos-Binks, North Carolina State University
  • David Barbella, Earlham College
  • Paul Bello, Naval Research Laboratory
  • Tarek Richard Besold, Alpha Health AI Lab
  • Mehul Bhatt, Örebro University
  • Gordon Briggs, Naval Research Laboratory
  • Mark Burstein, SIFT
  • Rogelio E. Cardona-Rivera, University of Utah
  • Maria Chang, IBM
  • Michael Cox, Wright State Research Institute
  • Dustin Dannenhauer, Navatek LLC
  • Ernest Davis, New York University
  • Nate Derbinsky, Northeastern University
  • Mark Finlayson, Florida International University
  • Michael Floyd, Knexus Research
  • Kenneth Forbus, Northwestern University
  • Scott Friedman, SIFT
  • Alfredo Gabaldon, GE Global Research
  • Ashok Goel, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Nick Hawes, University of Oxford
  • Tom Hinrichs, Northwestern University
  • James Kirk, Soar Technology, Inc.
  • Matthew Klenk, Palo Alto Research Center
  • Maithilee Kunda, Vanderbilt University
  • John Laird, University of Michigan
  • Pat Langley, The University of Auckland
  • Justin Li, Occidental College
  • Antonio Lieto, University of Turin
  • Andrew Lovett, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
  • Jamie Macbeth, Smith College
  • Christopher Maclellan, Drexel University
  • David McDonald, SIFT LLC
  • Marjorie McShane, RPI
  • Shiwali Mohan, Palo Alto Research Center
  • Sergei Nirenburg, RPI
  • Irina Rabkina, Occidental College
  • Mohan Sridharan, University of Birmingham
  • Tom Williams, Colorado School of Mines